BioASQ Participants Area

Task 7a begun on Monday, February 04, 2019!

Task 7b begun on Wednesday, March 06, 2019!

Task MESINESP begins on autumn, 2019!

The training sets for Task 7a, 7b and MESINESP are available here, here and here respectively.


The BioASQ Participants Area will enable users during the challenge to:

You can register here.
Further information about the BioASQ project can be found at the BioASQ's official website.

Download Sample Data (no registration required)

Click on the buttons below for sample data of the BioASQ challenge. The format of the data is Javascript Object Notation (JSON).

Task 7A Sample Data Task 7B Sample Data Task MESINESP Sample Data

More information about the data and the tools available for each task can be found in the online guidelines.

Task 7A Schedule

Below you can see the BioASQ Task 7A schedule:


Task 7B Schedule

Below you can see the BioASQ Task 7B schedule: