BioASQ Participants Area

Task 5c begins in mid April 2017!

What is BioASQ5-Task C

Task 5C Guidelines

For this introductory year, Task C will run in *one batch* in mid April 2017.
Participants, after downloading the released test set will have to submit results within a limited time window.
The evaluation of Task 5c will be based on manually identified Grant information for biomedical articles available in PubMed.

The rest of the guidelines provide the essential information for participating in the Task 5c of the BioASQ challenge. They are organised in sections, by clicking on the titles you can find the relevant details.

* Guidelines will be updated with more details soon. Stay tuned! *

+ Competition roll-out

+ Funding Information

+ Training Data Set

+ Test Data set

+ Full text from PubMed Central

+ Add a system